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Youth Empowerment For Jesus's Second Coming

Remnant Youths

Remnant Youths is a ministry for the education, empowerment, and spiritual growth of primarily young people ages 14 to 35 and adults who desire to live for Jesus. Remnant Youths is committed to the preparation of youth for the second coming of Jesus through teaching his word and daily study of the bible.

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What To Watch May 23, 2021, to May 29, 2021

Every week we recommend one video for you to watch as part of your spiritual journey. These videos cover a wide variety of topics including spiritual growth, bible study, current events, health and wellness, as well as prophecy among others. See this week’s video to watch below

This Is Why Satan Hates The Sabbath So Much - Mark Finley

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I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known Him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the Word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.

King James Version

Our Ministry

Our ministry goes far beyond teaching young people about Jesus’s second coming. There is more to being a christian than knowing that Jesus will return and waiting for his coming; i.e there is a daily preparation that needs to take place. Our ministry involves”

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In this series, we look at the prophecies recorded in the bible and seek a complete understanding of them.

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Today’s Mana is your daily bread from God’s word sent to us to give us the spiritual strength and direction to face each day.

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There is nothing more powerful and motivating than your personal testimony of your experience of God’s love for you.

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Our Bible Study series is where we study the scriptures in their entirety to gain a complete and emphatic understanding of God’s word.

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The Sanctuary Message is a critical part of the belief of God’s remnant in the last days that will be found ready and waiting for His return.

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This is our weekly series where we look at current events and analyze them through the lens of scripture as they fulfill the prophecies.

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In this series, we highlight aspects of scripture and our study that highlights or speaks directly about God’s immense love for me and you.

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Messages, Sermons, and Presentations from other ministers who are preaching the true word of scripture as it is written in the bible.

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Lesson Review

This is our daily study of the SDA Young Adults Quarterly. We study the bible with the Quarterly to better understand how to live a Christian Life.

Remnant Youths Video Archive

View our video archive for a complete list of all Remnant Youths videos posted on all our online platforms. All videos related to Remnant Youths that can be posted here will be added for your convenience and ease of access.

Remnant Youths Blog

Read our blog to learn more different biblical concepts and topics. In our blog we discuss the Word of God, it’s impact on our lives, as well as day-to-day events and activities and how they relate to God’s word and his plan of salvation for you and I.

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Messages From Other Ministers

We would not have you believe that we are prophets and God gave us and us only the message of salvation. No. In fact, there are many other ministers that we look to and admire in the way they teach the word of God that is made readily available to all who desire to learn more about Him. Other Ministers is a page where you can find other such messages, sermons, and teachings that we’ve found helpful and educational.

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Book Of The Month

Last Day Events

April/May 2021

The events of these ‘Last Days’ that we are living are to be constantly presented before the people. Ellen White has written extensively on the subject of Earth’s closing history and her writings are to be studied alongside the bible so that each individual may glean a working understanding of those events that have been prophesied and should shortly come to pass.

“Many of the citations in this book have been drawn from previously published Ellen White sources, but a fair percentage of the materials have never before been published. While we have not included all of Ellen White’s statements on earth’s closing events, we have endeavored to include the most significant ones.”
– Last Day Events 7.2 (page 7, par 2)

Other Books To Read

Here is a list of some of the books we recommend reading to improve your connection with God and live a better christian life.

The Great Controversy

Learn more about the great controversy between Christ and Satan and how it affects you.

Messages To Young People

Learn more about the role youth plays in the mission of God and proclaiming the final message.

The Desire Of ages

Learn more about the life and mission of Jesus on Earth with this in-depth study.

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