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Learn more about Remnant Youths and our mission to energize young people for Jesus. Learn about our inception and drive to educate young people and the world about the prophecies written in the bible and God’s plan of salvation.

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About Us

Remnant Youths is a non-profit organization founded by Jabez Roberts in 2020. Remnant Youths was founded with the objective of energizing and preparing youth, age 14 to 35, for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Its inception began from Jabez’s strong desire to share the message of Jesus’s second coming and, teach and relate prophecy to current events.

We see and understand that there is a huge gap between where the spiritual level of the average Christian youth is today and where it should be to be able to withstand the time of trouble that is soon upon us. We also know that the current church will be shaken and only a small group of this remnant church will remain and stay committed to the law and to the testimony of Jesus Christ.

This knowledge motivates us to educate and prepare the youth to be a part of the remnant that will remain who truly loves and serves Christ.


Our mission is to be astute and dedicated bible students. We are to be found in daily study of the scripture where we commune with God and better prepare ourselves to teach others about him and prepare for his second coming.


We aim to become a global leader in educating, motivating, and empowering youth for the work and service of God. We will groom youth to be faithful, God-fearing, and devout students of scripture and servants of Jesus Christ our Lord.


We Have One Goal

Remnant Youths And Your Daily Walk With Christ

It is not enough, as Christians, to read our bible once per day, sing a hymn of praise, and utter a few strangled words in prayer to the Lord before running off to enjoy the rest of the day in any way we please.

A dedicated Christian who is determined to make heaven his home and be found in one accord with Jesus at his second coming must spend dedicated time studying the scripture and learning about the life and sacrifice of Christ, and the instructions of the prophetess, Ellen G.White, about how to prepare for the time of trouble that is ahead.

The time of trouble is soon upon us and at that time every Bible-believing and God-serving Christian will need faith from his personal connection with God to make it through faithfully.

Lack of knowledge about God’s word will be your responsibility and downfall if now when the chance is available, you shun the teaching of the scripture and the prophetess to prepare for such a time.

Remnant Youths is dedicated to helping young people walk the proper Christian walk daily, develop habits and practices that foster a strong relationship with God, and prepare for the time of trouble that is soon here. 

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near – Isaiah 55:6

Who Is Jabez Roberts?

Jabez Roberts is a simple man with an intense desire to learn more about Jesus and serve him. Jabez is a Seventh Day Adventist who worships at the Family Of God SDA church in Spanish Town and spends his days searching the scriptures, reading supplementary material, and watching various religious programs to learn more about God.

“I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that the events of today will continue and worsen until the end of time in but a short while. I don’t hear or see the church doing enough to educate others about what is happening and I want to make a difference by teaching others all I know. The time of the Lord’s return is soon upon us.”

Jabez Roberts


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