What To Watch This Week

Every week we recommend one video to be watched. These videos will help you to improve your faith, bible knowledge, relationship with God, and faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. What To Watch is a weekly video series that includes videos from Remnant Youths Ministries and other ministers alike to pull you closer to present truth.

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What To Watch This Week

Below is a compilation of videos from our What To Watch This Week series. These videos are available for your viewing to help you on your journey to salvation ad eternal life.

- April 25, 2021, To May 1, 2021

Sighing & Crying In Jerusalem

In this message, Stephen Bohr breaks down the amazing facts behind the Three Angels Message in Revelation 14. This helps us to better understand the Three Angels Message and the book of Revelation.

- April 18, 2021, To April 24, 2021

Vaccination & Green Passports

In this episode of What's Up Prof, Martin Smith & Walter Veith takes a look at the condition behind vaccination passports and your freedom being under threat. The global trend is observed and discussed in terms of prophecy.

Vaccines & The Mark - What's Up Prof? 27

Learn more about the Covid-19 vaccine and its danger to your health from Walter Veith. Get a complete understanding of the vaccine and why it isn't the Mark Of The Beast but should be avoided.

- by Martin Smith

Pricks Of God

In this sermon, a few things that are plainly written in the Word of God is compared with what men and their traditions say.

- by Martin Smith

Is This The End? In-depth study

What does the bible and Spirit Of Prophecy say about the time of the end and age of the earth? Walter does an in-depth study.

- by Martin Smith & Walter Veith

Little Things, Big Consequences

Adam eating the fruit was a little thing so why are the consequences and punishments so severe? Martin Smith discusses this topic.

- by Martin Smith

Parallels in the book of Acts

What are the similarities between The Book Of Acts, the prophets of the time, and the subsequent spreading of the message after the latter rain and today? Walter explores.

- by Walter Veith

Pearls of Truth in Settings of Gold

In this bible study session, Walter looks at the history of the world and parallels with the story of David and what it means for present-day society.

- by Walter Veith

The Moment Of Crisis

What are the parallels between current events and the moment of crisis associated with the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus? Walter looks at this a bit more closely.

- by Walter Veith

The Shaking, The Prophecies, The Remnant, & Testimonies

In this episode of What's Up Prof Walter and Martin discuss the shaking that is to occur in the Adventist church. They also look at the remnant church, the testimony, and the characteristics that identify the Remnant.

- by Walter Veith

The Return & Prayer March At Washington Mall - Prophetic

In this episode of What's Up Prof Martin and Walter examines the Prayer March at Washington Mall and explores the prophetic, spiritual, and eschatological implications of the event.

- by Walter Veith

The Mind Of The Master - Understanding The Latter Rain

In this sermon Pastor Dan Gabbert discusses the topic of the Latter Rain in the last days. He discusses the importance of a personal relationship with God that is more than a theoretical experience with him.

- by Pastor Dan Gabbert

Jesus Christ | Just Another Man or Son of God?

Video 1 of the Total Onslaught series by Professor Walter J. Veith. In this video explores the prophecies around Jesus's birth, life, and death on earth to examine whether he is indeed the Son of God.

- by Walter Veith

Reflection on the Election - What's Up Prof? 37

In this episode of What's Up Prof Martin and Walter examines the final outcome of the US election that is still to be decided, Joe Biden is currently the President-elect. In this episode, we discuss the prophetic implications of a Biden win.

- by Walter Veith & Martin Smith

Happy Reformation Day - October 31, 2020

In this short presentation, Walter Veith explains the Reformation and the significance of the 95 Thesis nailed to the church door by Martin Luther. He explains how it contradicts Roman Catholic teaching that is at odds with the bible.

- by Prof. Walter Veith